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senator kennedy will soon be laid to rest besides his brothers he loved so much.
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>> before his burial, many other merie als arplanned beginning in his home state of ussa. etch ts we'll tell what you is happening today. >> this morning, w ican eye on tropical storm dann growing stronger as we spe which could put a dent in your weekend plans. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. us on steve chenevey.h this thursday morning. the flags at this u.s. capitol at half-staff in honor of the late senator ted kennedy. they will remain that way through sunset sunday. president obama handed down the order in a proclamation yesterday had n. which he called senator kennedy one of the most accomplished americans ever to serve our democracy. we want to take a check on
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our forecast. for that, tucker barnes. >> you notice that there is a lot more water in the atmosphere. that means humidity is on the increase. >> that was a beautiful shot of the capitol dome. not very windy out there either. >> very still at this hour. we are looking at the possible of some scattered showers d thundetorms as we get into the afternoon. so a changing forecast today. going to be summery around here and then some big changes as we get wek. let's get ewek. let's get started thwi a look at our satellite-radar. i want to mention very quickly atdanny had maximum winds of 60 miles per hour. i will show you awe satellite pi durofe nyan coming up n iny just a minute. here in washington, we are doing fine. you can see the cloud cover across the northern section of our viewing area up into pennsylvania and light showers there. this is a cold front which is very slowly and i do mean swlloworking wlits way through the washington area. and it is a weak oinne. so with just a chance for some satterred showers or thunderstorms during the akcour of our afternoon. otheisrwtbe wisl il warm with highs in the upper 80s and a lot more humid than it was yesterday as we'll have a lot i
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associated with that frontal system. 75degrees still at reagan national. 66 at dulles. not a bad place to wake up. it might be a bad place to wake up but at least the temperature will cooperate. bwi marshall, 69 degrees. partly cloudy sky. more sunshine in the morning, more clouds in the afternoon. 89degrees today, a little cooler than yesterday. we'll take a look at tropical storm danny and see what kind of impact it might have our weekend forecast coming up. >> if you are waking up at the airport, might mean major delays. >> never want to wake up at the airport. >> let's talk to julie wright. >> we are talking about 66 for starters. eastbound 28, they are checking for a crash. no accidents to report on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. southbound # 70 still an easy trip out of germantown headed for the lane divide. you are looking good on the top side between college park and
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bethesda. this is a live shot of northbound 395 at glebe road. there is a tea lay as you travel north of seminary trying to work your way past the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. he was the youngest in a set of storied exhibit lynns. soon, senator ted kennedy will be laid to rest alongside two of his brothers whose legacy he made sure lived on after their untimely deaths. >> a private service is being held on cape cod at noon today. senator kennedy's bod way will then travel to boston passing by sites that were significant to him along the way. he will lie in repose at boston's john f. kennedy presidential library today and tomorrow. tomorrow night, the family will hold a private memorial service there and then saturday, a funeral mass will take place at boston's our lady of perpetual help basilica. president obama is expected to deliver the eulogy. >> that afternoon, senator
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kennedy will be buried at arlington national cemetery near his brother, john and robert. massachusetts law requires a special elect take place between 145 and 160 days following a vacancy on the senate. california senator diane feinstein sent the family a message saying the next senator will not live up to the legacy. >> i salute your heritage and all you have done for the united states. we have lost a titan. his shoes will be very difficult to fill. >> senator kennedy's nephew joe has been mentioned as a contender to fill that seat. others include the massachusetts attorney general and several congressman. the fdic might need its on bailout. today, they will reveal how
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much bank failures have depleted the fdic's reserves. we'll talk more about this in detail coming up in our business beat in about 15 minutes. republican bob mcdonnell says if he is elected governor of virginia, he will cut his own pay as part of budget tightening. current goveor tim kaine slashed his own pay 5% with the economy and the state's revenue began to slide. new thisore than, a new complex could bring thousands of jobs to poplar street bridge county. according to the "washington post," the u.s. department of health and human services is considering a new location. if it is built, the complex would relocate about 5,000 federal jobs to the county from rockville. the dps' lease expires next july and it does have the option of staying in rockville. checking another top stories we are watching, nearly 100 d.c. school custodians and maintenance workers will soon be looking for work. that is despite the fact that the city has been working on
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long overdue updates of crumbling buildings. facilities there that needed repair for l many years. officials say they are making the personnel adjustments because of budget constraint. police have identified the victim in a deadly stabbing yesterday. his name is joshua mack, 21 years old, from clinton, maryland. the stabbing happened in broad daylight. one man survived the attack. so far, no arrests in this case. in fairfax county, the suspect in the stabbing of a baby-sitter and the child she was watching is now facing malicious wounding charges. police say a 40-year-old woman attacked a 6 #-year-old woman and a toddler in falls church yesterday. both victims are in serious but stable conditi this morning. coming up next, a government working to prevent swine flu panic from spreading. the final cash for clunkers count is in. we'll find out how much it
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best selling author and journalist dominic dunne has died. he passed away at his home from bladder cancer. his most famous work, the o.j. simpson case. he started as a film producer but his second career ban when his ask rest daughter was murdered in 1982. this morning, nato is reporting another u.s. service member was killed in an attack in afghanistan. this reportedly involved a roadside bombing and gunfire. this brings the u.s. death toll for this month to 44. august is now tied with july as the deadliest month in the eight-year war. more than 60,000 u.s. troops are currently in afghanistan in combat against insurgent
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violence. the government is urging the public not to pan you can over the wife prediction. it was precincted 90,000 people could die in the united states alone but the cdc is leery of that saying if the virus doesn't change, we won't see those kinds of numbers. hundreds of thousands of clunk irhave been traded in for more fuel efficient rides. what is happening to all those old cars. we'll introduce to you one guy in charge of passengerring sure they don't get back out on the roads. and we're keeping a close watch on tropical storm danny. it could put a didn't in your weekend plans. tucker has the latest track erngap after the break. we are now just seconds away from 12 minutes after 6:00. (announcer) get ft our best back to school prices...
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i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. welcome back. we are following breaking news this morning out at benning road involving a police shoot yoog this is in the 4th street area and benning road had northeast d.c. word in about 3:00 this morning there was a shooting. a police officer apparently discharge his weapon. we'll let you know as soon as we hear more. tucker is in with a check of our forecast. youngsters have on get up mighty early to catch that
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school bus. >> they do this time of year. >> 6:00 is pretty early. >> getting up at 6:00 to go to school. i used to walk 12 miles. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> i'm feeling a lot of pressure about the weekend forecast. people are like what's going on. i got a barbecue. word is out. i'll going to play golf. >> we only have a couple of weeks left. >> i'll do the best i can with it. but it looks like we'll have showers and perhaps even steady rain around here at times during the weekend. i'll show you why coming up. you mention the the bus stop. i don't think the kids are at the bus stop yet. >> not yet, but they are aup. >> they are eating cereal and watching our fun and friendly banter, right, steve? >> sure. > partly sunny and more humid today as we get into the afternoon. wing we'll have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. as the kids head out to the bus stop this hour and next hour, you will notice the humidity. temperatures will be in the middle 70s. nice will be at 6:33 this
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morning. let's see what we can find in the waive temperatures. you will notice they are milder than they were at this hour. 75 out at reagan national. 69 in baltimore. 66 in frederick. winchester too. 71 in fredericksburg. off to the south and east, ocean city, maryland is checking in with 81 degrees. i'm going to check that. not sure that is giving us an accurate temperature. let's see what is going on here with our satellite-radar. this is a cold front. it's weak one. it doesn't pack much punch with it. temperature a little cooler behind it and just a couple of scattered showers across central pennsylvania. it will continue to sag into the washington area a little later this afternoon. that is why we'll have more in the way of humidity and the possibility of an isolated perhaps a few scattered showers and thunderstorms in our forecast a little later today. the good news i guess is the cloud cover will keep temperatures down just a little bit. our highs will be in the upper 80s instead of low 90s like they were yesterday. here is your latest look at tropical storm danny. yep, tropical storm danny, maximum winds, 60 miles per hour. look like in the last few
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frames there, it is looking a little more impressive. i mentioned last hour that the fix keeps changing. it looks like the track will take it northwest and eventually north and then northeast and it should parallel the eastern seaboard here as we get into the weekend. pretty much guarantee we'll have large surf from the carolinas right up into cape cod this weekend. we'll have to see exactly how close it tracks to the eastern seaboard. could bring some rain showers to the beaches. could even bring rain to the washington area as we get into the weekend. that is why the weekend forecast not yet completely set. our forecast looks okay. partly cloudy skies. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast today. it will be more humid than yesterday with a high temperature about 89 degrees. win will be out of the east at five miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. a few showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. a pretty good hans tomorrow and before a cold front on sunday. that much we know and we have
6:19 am
to worry about danny for the day on saturday. it is possible we will be able to eke out some significantly dry periods this weekend but we have to keep the showers and thunderstorms in the forecast just in case. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. what is going on out there? >> a lot right now unfortunately. especially in virginia, eastbound 66, 28 centerville for the crash, 395 at glebe road for the wreck in the right lane. we have slow unions on the top side of the beltway outer loop leave is 95 to georgia avenue southbound 270. that is jammed up approaching 85. there is a police investigation ongoing right now at 4th and bening in northeast. that is tying up that intersection. this is a live shopt of the 28th headed st of centreville. accident activity reported in this area along the second lane from the right so be careful oust manassas headed in towards centreville and over towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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the cash for clunkers program proved to be a big jolt for the u.s. auto industry as nearly 700,000 vehicles were sold. dealers submitted $2.88 bill wrong in sales bringing the program to just a hair under the $3 billion budget. the toyota corolla was the most popular new vehicle purchased. it was followed by the honda civic, toyota camry and ford focus. all four are built in the united states. with all the new cars on the roads, what happens to the clunkers? >> fox's sky arnold shows us what happens to the cars that were turned in for the rebate. >> reporter: they call him dr. death. it is juniory underwood's job to pour liquid glass into every clunker's engine. the result may be hard for former owners to watch. this eng inextermination is happening inside every cash for
6:21 am
clunkers car. under program rules, the engines have to be scrapped so dealers are waiting until they are absolutely sure they will be reimbursed before calling dr. death. >> we've gone forward enough and i have enough confidence in our manage manhattan that if they didn't think we would get paid, we would have probably cut our losses a long time ago. >> reporter: after killing the engine, the car comes here. they are already seen 200 clunker and it expects to crush another 400 in the coming weeks. now, before they're crunched, each car has to be processed. that means crews come through and remove all the batteries and drain the engine oil, even look for parts that might be salvageable. >> the volume has been tremendous. my guys have been working anywhere from 0, 25 extra hours
6:22 am
a week just to handle the volume of cars. >> reporter: once crushed, they are all sent to facilities where everything from the car to the engine is recycled. so take another look at whats with once sitting in someone's garage. gas guzzlers now on the road to recycling. >> under program rules, auto salvage businesses are allowed to sell some parts from hsumpingers for the next six mot > >>hs our business beat ois coming up next. another big name may wind up need a bailout. if you are looking for a nejob, fox 5 is here to help. go to and click on the job shop at the top of othe page. we have oenings listed for all experience levels in all fields. coming up at 8:00, we will feature our job of the day. business beat is next.
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welcome back. it is not what you want to hear from the agency in charge of keeping your money safe at the bank. the fdic may need help itself. first, let's head up to chris cotter in new york. we are going to start up on the dow. not a whole lot but the good news is it is seven days straight. >> i know. it is really funny how we just seem to teeter right along that line and then yesterday, we were up four point on the dow, just fractionally up on the s&p and nasdaq. you're right, it is seven days straight on the dow. haven't hay down day since a week ago monday. it is pretty remarkable that we haven't had that down day because we've been up so much here since march, even up 4% this month after a great july and we still haven't had the down day. housing data yesterday really helping us stay afloat. today, not a whole lot of data
6:27 am
to really look at. we'll get revised gdp. also the weekly jobless claims, gurvir. that is the big data that will drive the market today. >> earnings from some retail ares like j. crew and american eagle, those companies as well. let's talk about what is going on with the fdic. we are expecting a report from sheila bear the chairwoman of the fdic today saying banks at least have managed to escape collapse but not out of the woods just yet and now the fdic may need a bailout itself? >> yes, they are in a little bit of trouble. they are an insurance fund. we all know they insure deposits in the bank down to $13 million. there are 300 batchs on the watch list that could have robs down the road. this fund is in a little bit of trouble. they may have to raise fees for banks to pay to this fund to keep it afloat. so we ve to keep an eye on that. also, just real quickly, they vod to approve weakening
6:28 am
standards for private equity to come if anbuy some of the failed banks. they are still stringent but less stringent to make it a little easier for that to happen. so that was good news. >> we'll leave it there. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up n, the late senator ted kennedy's resting place will be in a place next to his brothers where the nation comes to mourn. >> reporter: the nation mourns the loss of another kennedy. coleing up being more on the funeral arrangements and how the public can say a final farewell. that is when fox 5 morning news returns. stay with us.
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memorial plans have now been laid out for the late senator ted kennedy who passed away from brain cancer late tuesday at the age of 77. his body will be flown to arlington national cemetery to be buried next on brothers john and robert. there will be a series of events in massachusetts before that. today and tomorrow, sector kennedy will lie in repose at the hnoj f. kennedy presidential library in boston. the hearse will leave from boston where crowds aocn pay tribute as it passes through sights that were important in his life like st. steve an's
6:32 am
church. it will pass through the rose fitzgerald greenway. the park that senator kennedy helped to create. and bells will be rung in his hon iras the motorcades drives past historic faneuil hall. >> tucker is back with another check on our forecast. >> it's decent forecast. it won't be perfect because we'll have more humidity than yesterday. we'll take what we can get this time of yeara time of year an august. so we've got fall weather on the horizon. it is still on the mild side t doesn't want to fall back here this morning. 75degrees still. humidity, 66%. you note i the dew point temperatures are up a little bit sob a littdior will be a little more uncomfortable. winds are out of the north and at west at six miles per s hr.ou r. a very weak cold front just off to the rth. see it there stretch ad cross central pennsylnia. some of that will try st ne into arethe area later today. we have an isolated opportunity
6:33 am
here for a shower or thunderstorm today. slightly cooler temperatures underneath the afternoon cloud cover so it won't be a perfect day but it won't be terrible either with highs in the upper 80s to about 90. again, a little more humidity with a scattered afternoon shower or thunderstorm. let me mention tropical storm danny has maximum wind at 60 miles per hour and coming up, we'll have more details on where it might be tracking this weekend, hint, hibt. fairly fair-- hint, hint. >> here as julie wright with a look at traffic. >> in northeast washington, there was a police shooting around 3:00 this morning and now there is an investigation that is ongoing, 4th and benning. that intersx remains blocked penning this investigation. going to find lanes are open if you are traveling down south at the wilson bridge. 270 at 85 for the crash the left lane blocked north and
6:34 am
southbound. southbound 270 out of hyattstown, the lane are open. no accidents to report right now if you are traveling eastbound on 66. the crash is reported east of 28 along the right side of the road. heads up as you continue eastbound. traffic will slow again 50 to 13 and at nutley street. northbound 395, the wreck we had at glebe road now cleared over to the shoulder. that'a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it's simple stark memorial marking the site of president john f. kennedy's grave, the eternal flame at arlington national cemetery. his brother robert is laid to rest nearby and soon their youngest brother will be beside them. >> memorials begin today in massachusetts. sarah similar monday is joining us live from arlington national creme true, soon to be the senator's final resting place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the final farewell to the senator will begin today with a private memorial service at noon on cape cod. after that, the senator's body will lie in repose at jfk
6:35 am
presidential library for the next two days so people can come and pay their last respects. a service is then scheduled on saturday. after that, will be flown a her to be buried next to his brothers at arlington national cemetery. the jfk grave site at arlington national cemetery is a somber yet popular tourist attraction in the washington area. >> it is timeless. it will always stay the same and will always remeunch us of john f. kennedy. >> reporter: the eternal flame flickering nonstop for more than 45 years now. >> it is awesome. it is emotional. it is just so much tragedy and knowledge. it was sad. >> reporter: swrut down a hill, the more understated final resting place of senator robert kennedy. now a source with knowledge of the family's wishes tells us this is where ted kennedy will be buried saturday, somewhere to the left of the bobby's grave site. >> i think it's good thing for
6:36 am
a family to be together. >> reporter: an assassinated president, a murdered presidential candidate and now the last survying kennedy brother. >> i'm really surprised tha they're not keeping him up in massachusetts. he lived all his life up there. and i'm just really viced that they are going to bury him here. >> was he a veteran? >> kennedy served in the u.s. army in the early 1950s but was never tent ent to korea. >> if the rt of the family is there, i think that's okay. >> reporter: the final resting place for more than # 27,000 americans. articling nonnational cemetery averages about 30 burials aday monday through friday. we are not sure what kind ceremony the kennedy family is planning but an arlington spokesperson tells us if a world war ii, korean arrest vietnam veteran wished to be buried here, it can take as long as two months to e r fth after the veteran has died. saturday afternoon, the third longest surviving senator in u.s. history ill join brothers
6:37 am
jack and bobby in these hallowed hills overlooking the potomac. we all know that president obama will deliver the eulogy at the funeral mass on saturday at the basilica in boston. it is unclear what time he will be buried here at arlington national cemetery and still unclear at this point if the public will be allowed to attend here at arlington national cemetery. back to you. >> thank you so very much. in the meantime, dozens gathered in the district yesterday to remember senator ted kennedy. these mourners came together in dupont circle with signs being flowers and candles all reflecting on the senator's life. the vigil was organized by move we'll bring you live coverage of today's memorials throughout the day right here on fox 5 and also on-line on
6:38 am maryland is slashing $454 million in spending. they will close a state-run psychiatric hospital and a minimum security prison. montgomery and prince george's counties are losing 90% of the money they were supposed to get from gas attacks driver's licensing and titling fees -- gas taxes, driver's licensing and titling fees. >> if there was a construction project in your neighborhood, it might be delayed inform you have a pothole on your way to work, it might take longer for it to get fixed. if you were hoping to get a sidewalk on a street in your area, that might not happen this year. >> the uts also include 205 layoffs and and furloughs for 70,000 state workers. they've rallied the troops and now they are taking their battle against wal-mart to the retail giant's ceo. preservationists asked the president of wal-mart to
6:39 am
reconsider plans to build a store near the wilderness battlefield in locust grove, virginia. they are say they are not opposed to wal-mart building in orange county, just don't doe it near the battlefield. that is where 0,000 soldiers lost their lives. wal-mart has said the store will be out of the view of the battlefield. the kennedys have been called america's version of the royal y. >> now, just one member. the storied siblings survives. we'll have more on senator kennedy's younger sister jean kennedy smith when fox 5 morning news returns.
6:40 am
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senator ted kennedy was the baby brother if a big family. >> he was the youngest of the nine children. this was taken back in 1938, sick years before the oldest brother, joe, jr. passed away. of the four condition did i
6:43 am
brothers, ted was the only one who actually died of natural causes. his brother and idol, joe was killed this a plane crash over the english channel in world war ii. jfk was assassinated as was bobby during a r for the white house. >> 81-year-old jean kennedy smith the only surviving kennedy sibling now. she is a former ambassador to ireland and founder of a nonprofit group encouraging people with disabilities to take part in the arts. >> over the last few week being, we've been reminded of how much the kennedy family has done just in terms of public service and teaching all of us what it means to give back. >> sure has. >> what is going on in terms of our weather. >> today, we have agot the possibility of a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms. let's start with our sunrise. >> that we oue >> we have agot a nice live shot out there. well, it is not that impressive. >> take our word for it. >> there it is. can you see some clouds on the horizon. got a little humidity out there. we have a changing forecast.
6:44 am
yesterday, we did the heat with the sunshine. today, the possibility of awe couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms a little later this afternoon. want bolk aut tropical storm let's talk about tropical storm danny. if you are just tuning in this morning, tropical storm danny's winds are now up to 60 miles per hour. still not very impressive here on our satellite-radar. this is showing some signs of flaring up here in the past couple of frames. can you see it starting to show a little convective build-up this. the problem all morning for the last 24 hours, they've had trouble fixing the center of sink lags. because of that, they are having trouble getting a handle on where it will track. the best thinking on thunderstorm danny, let's push on and i'll show you the eventual track. maximum winds now 60 miles per hour pushing off to the north an west at 10 miles per hour. it looks like the path of danny will take it generally in. direction of outer banks of carolinas and the timing is very dependent on a lot of
6:45 am
other factors including a front sal system aappropriating the washington area this weekend. it look like it could be a hurricane here off the outer banks by saturday morning with maximum winds about 75 miles per hour. we'll have to watch it very carefully because, if it tracks a little closer to the west, it could come fairly close it our beaches and could bring very high surf and win and waves there mentd d seen some of those rain bands could reach up into washington. we'll continue to watch danny for you. it could be i player in our weekend foecast. so we'll fine tune tt for you over the next couple of days. right now, we look great. 75degrees at reagan national. a little humid out there. 69 in baltimore. 70 at this hour down in fredericksburg. a very mild start to the day. a little warmer than we were yesterday. temperatures latethis afternoon won'top out in the 90s like they did yesterday. i think we'll be in the upper 80s. the reason why, it is this cold front. can you see it. it is not very impressive. just a couple of scattered showers at this hour riding along that front. it will continue to sag on down into the washington area. so as those clouds push in, we'll see the possibility of a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms in our forecast a little later today.
6:46 am
here is your forecast. partly cloudy skies, a couple of afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. more humid. noticeably more humid than it has been the last couple of days. 89 for the wind out east at five miles per hour. a shower and a thunderstorm, friday, saturday and sunday. we'll have a combination of watching danny coast and a cold front which will be moving through. it won't be raining all weekend but there is a possibility that we could see some -- at time, some heavy rain here as we get into the weekend. all right. due to time constraints, we are unable to bring you ask the weather guy but we haven't forgotten about it. you know you want to get one more in. >> i hope so. >> you want to get one in before tony gets back, is that what you're say something. >> i want to do a stand alone ask the weather guy. >> i would think you would take advantage of that. >> we have he had a lot going. please send us your questions and we'll be glad to answer them. tony will be back soon on
6:47 am
machine and we'll hit the ground running. >> okay. sounds luke a plan. let's check in with julie wright. what is going on out on the roads. >> what happened to the music? you was kind of jamming out it that. that was good stuff. we are busy. we have lanes open on the top stretch of the the beltway. 34th at benning, a shooting occurred overnight so that intersection is blocked. inbound south capital street after the douglass bridge, saw a car reported in the center of the road. outbound being we have troue with the signal lights. they're on flash. there is some new drama ate local juvenile detention center. >> gun parts used in sculptures were found inside the laurel facility. despite the so fare, at mirrors are defending the program. claudia coffey has the latest. >> reporter: administrators are investigating how the gun parts were removed from a locked
6:48 am
classroom where the project was conducted. the incident has led to stepped- up security and has caused concern here for corrections officers. this artwork made of melted gunmetal and gun parts stands in the lobby of new beginnings. it is the esult of a new therapeutic and controversial class at the facility called guns to roses. >> the guns to roses program is about educating young people about the devastating effects of gun violence an teaching them valuable skills with metalwk and black smithing. we take instruments of destruction and violence an turn them into beautiful sculptures. >> reporter: according to the correct officers union gun parts used in this project were removed from a secure classroom i'm gun piece like this one as found in the gymnasium in june by a youth inmate who brought it to the attention of a corrections officer he trusted. >> the kids say if i did not have a relationship with the officer, he would have used the gun to get out of the facility. how would the officer know if
6:49 am
the gun was real or not? >> reporter: in july being, a part of an ammunition clip was northbound in the youth living quarters and a bullet was also recovered. the union that represents the security officers says they were never briefed about the program. >> they work with you in trying to approach those goals you are trying to reach. >> reporter: that communication never happened? >> no, it never happened. >> reporter: david mohammed from new beginnings says staff was notified in several meetings. he disputes claims a bullet was fund on the ground. following the incident, security was increased in and out of the metal shop. mohammed says the pees were inoperable and no one was injured. >> wear not going to just say we're in the going to do anything innovative, anything treatment or rehabilitative oriented. these are young people would significantly benefited from this program. >> reporter: the ram will resume within the next month. claudia cofey, fox 5 news. here is a look at what is ahead on fox 5 morning news.
6:50 am
>> at 7:00, it is fenty on fox. we are talking more with d.c. mayor adrian fenty about the latest controversy at the new beginnings detention center. also at 7:00, eleanor holmes norton will join us to share her memories of the late senator ted kennedy. at 8:00, a look at the latest and an issue that was very close to senator kennedy's heart, health care reform. congress mansion jerry connelly will give us an update on what is going on. on call, death of senator kennedy may help push one. his greatest causes forward as for years he championed for universal health care. kennedy's friend and colleague senator chris dodd says he hopes they can get it done. >> my hope is that this will maybe cause people to take a breath, step back and start talking with each other again and in more civil tones about what needs to be done? that is whatted ity would do. there was though one bet are in trying to bring people together
6:51 am
to get a job done. >> across party lines too, republican senator john mccain praised senator kennedy saying the health care reform effort would be moving forward if kennedy's health had not prevented him from being fully involved in the fight. the yait an canada have at least one thing in common. >> canadian citizens would live near the border cn get energy care in u.s. hospitals. we have the story. >> reporter: swrut watering the plant used to tire out 61-year- old michael but not anymore. >> i feel great. i quit smoking. i've lost weight. >> reporter: last april, learned he had serious heart trouble and was rushed to a nearby hospital in windsor, canada. doctors there said the arteries in his heart were 97% blocked and he could have died. instead of putting him on the operating table be they put him in an ambulance. >> i did for the have enough time to be put on the waiting list to go to long ton or toronto and they sent me to henry ford. >> reporter: henry ford hospital is just two miles
6:52 am
away, not in canada but across the border in detroit, michigan. it is one of more than a dozen hospitals in the u.s. that have an agreement with the canadian health system to help provide emergency care. >> they need interconvention much quicker so because it is right there across the border, we can bet the patients the help they need and better outcomes. >> rerter: during a recent year, there were more than 7,000 patients from ontario alone who received emergency care in the u.s. and canada paid for all of it. while canadians have universal health care, sometimes the wait for nonurgent care can be months or even years. that is one reason many canadians are crossing the border, sometimes even at their own expense. >> they can get access to care sometimes faster in the united states. >> reporter: michael says the treatment at the detroit hospital saved his life but canadians would live further away from the border aren't as lucky. >> the canadian health system is great but there is a concern
6:53 am
for a patient that has an emergency, cancer, heart tax, et cetera. if it is an emergency, there is a concern. >> reporter: the partnership between the u.s. and canada has been ongoing for about sick years. administrators say no matter how the health care debate shakes out here in the united states, the cross-country connection will continued. it look like a scooter but it is really being called the wheelchair of the future. here it is. the a new experimental wheelchair that was unveiled in japan. use ares crouch over the seat and steer with a joystick. design alligator alley allows people to slide on and off without relying on others for help. the quest to look good steams to be getting younger and younger. a new study says that children as young as 10 and 11 feel pressure to have the perfect body. researchers found a direct association between their body mass indexes and satisfaction
6:54 am
with body shape. girls apparently are the happiest when they are at hair thinnest and boys are more unhappy when they are very thin or very heavy. coming up next hour, holly is hitting the runway. >> not for high fashion but for high flying fun. find out why a local airport has a lot to offer for history bufdz. remember the fox 5 high school football game of the week. five games are are in the running. can you bow to and click on the sports tab to vote. we'll cover the winning game tomorrow here on fox 5. with more highlights on  dad, could you help me build a sand castle?
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>> reporter: good morning, everything. i'm holly morris and here is my question of the day. where is the world's oldest continuously operating airport? college park maryland. where we are live this morning and where this weekend they are celebrating their 100th anniversary. it was 100 years ago that a man by the name of wilbert wright came to college park and he came here in 1909 because he came to train our first military aviators. and they've been flying planes ever since. so this weekend they're going to have airfare 100. it is a flight festival that has activities in the air and on the ground for you and your whole family. we are in the college park aviation museum this morning where they have a lot of different activities, inner active things for your family
6:59 am
to come and learn about. the importance of what goes on here today. gurvir. >> thanks, holly. pack the extra cash next time you fly u.s. airways. they are charging more for checked baggage. those new fees take afct on october 2nd. first class passengers and frequent flyers and military are exempt from the fees. just a minute or so away from 7:00. time to say good morning to allison who is joining steve. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news. remembering senator ted kennedy. memorial plans are set for the man known as the liberal lyon. details that will stretch from massachusetts to arlington just ahead. plus we're tracking tropical storm danny. storms

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